Pista Ice cream

Kesar Pista Kulfi is my favourite Ice cream.  As I didnt have Saffron, I made a Pista Ice cream using Cream Cheese.  The end result was much closer to Kulfi Ice cream.

Whole Milk - 4 cups
Cream Cheese - 4 oz (110 gms)
Pistachios - 20
Cardamom/Elaichi - 2 pods
Sugar - about 2 tbsp

1.  In a thick bottomed vessel, heat milk.  When the milk starts boiling, add crushed pistachios and ground cardamom.
2.  Continue cooking till milk reduces to half.  Keep stirring to avoid burning.
3. Turn off the heat and add cream cheese to the reduced milk.  Add sugar, stir well and let it cool.
4. Blend it in mixer/blender so that the cream cheese lumps, if any, are mixed well.
5. Freeze for about 8 hours.
6. Remove the Pista Ice cream from the freezer, 20 minutes before serving. 


  1. Mmmm....I like this ice cream with cream cheese. Looks very delicious. I would love to try.

  2. Hey Uma, looks so yummy...love it !!!definitely gonna try :)

  3. uma what a delicious choice at this summer time..looks so yummy.like any ice creams very simple one and so tasty too

  4. Uma ice creams tempt me always but i cant eat it for weeks as i have a sore throat :(.... but love them :)

  5. Yummylicious ice creams.Looks like kulfi and love to have it any time. Thanks for sharing.

  6. wow pista iceream is my moms fav, looks too good uma, thanks for sharing...

  7. wow uma today icecream thanks i felt really hot in summer need icecream

    thank you take care

  8. mmm what a delicious kulfi. use of cream cheese in kulfi is new to me.

  9. Wooow,,Uma Rich Pista ice cream looks delicious n very easy to make in short time dear..thanks for sharing..

  10. my fav. pista ice cream looks really nice. Never tried like this. Thanks for sharing

  11. Send me some, feel like having some rite now, its kinda hot here...gorgeous looking icecream Uma..

  12. Love pistachios...my most fav nuts and the ice cream...yummmo yumm

  13. The recipe sounds very easy..have to try this....

  14. Yumm yumm home made ice cream..Uma.

    Shared some awards with you do collect it from by blog.

  15. Couple of question Uma ... Do you add cream cheese to milk while its hot or wait for the milk to cool down? Can't we use evaporate milk and skip the heating and reducing milk part?

    I am so going to try this for this summer ... my kids are hogging anything cold and sweet :)

  16. Thanks MaryMoh, Arthi, Harman, Prani, Aps, Ms.Chitchat, Sushma, knk, Kshipra, Sathya, Pavithra, Krishnaveni, Priya, Kamalika, Gulmohar, Panchpakwan, Preeti for the encouraging comments.

    Aps, wish you a speedy recovery and then you can enjoy all sorts of ice creams. :)

    Kshipra, since i didnt find khoya here, i used cream cheese and it turned out too good.

    Priya, pls pass me ur mailing address and surely i'll send you.. :)

  17. Thanks Panchpakwan for passing the awards to me. :)

    Preeti, I add cream cheese when the reduced milk is still hot. I wait for it to cool before blending. And about readymade condensed or evaporated milk, I havent used dear. I guess, it should work fine too, except adding less sugar. Hope it helps Preeti!


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