Grilled Veg Sandwich

desi grilled Vegan or veg Sandwich
Vegan Sandwiches with veggies and coconut chutney.

Sliced Bread
Coriander/Cilantro leaves - 1 cup
Mint/Pudina leaves - 1/4 cup (optional)
Grated Coconut - 1 cup
Green Chilies - 8
Black Pepper Powder
Chat Masala

Vegetables: Onion, Tomato, Cucumber, Capsicum/Bell Pepper (Green, Yellow, Red), Boiled Potato, Beetroot

How to make Indian Chutney Sandwich:
  • Grind grated coconut, cilantro leaves, mint leaves, green chilies, salt to a thick fine chutney. Thinly slice all the veggies of your choice.
  • Spread the green chutney on a slice of bread. Place the vegetable slices on the chutney. Sprinkle little pepper powder, chat masala on the vegetable slices. Place another bread slice on top and press it. 
desi veg chutney sandwich
  • Heat a grill pan or sandwich maker or any pan. Roast the sandwiches both sides drizzling little olive oil. 
Serve Grilled Veggie Sandwich with ketchup.


  1. Delicious and healthy sandwich recipe... Thanks Uma.

  2. Doesnt cucumber become musshy by grilling?

    1. Cucumber turns little soft, but not mushy.


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