Rice Cooker Pasta

Hello foodies! How is everyone?  Today's photo credit goes to my six year old. My kiddo is my sous chef these days. And photographer -:)  Lately, I have been cooking pasta in my 2 quart rice cooker. Its convenient and quick. If you have one, try this One Pot Creamy Colorful   Vegetable Pasta . Ingredients: Uncooked Spaghetti Pasta - about 1 cup Mixed Frozen (or fresh) Veggies - about 1 cup Cream Cheese - 2 oz. Mexican 4 cheese - about 1/2 cup Canned Tomato Sauce - 1 tbsp. Italian Seasoning - 3/4 tsp Black Pepper Powder - 1/2 tsp Garlic Herb Seasoning - 1/4 tsp How to cook Colorful Veggie Pasta in a Rice Cooker: Pour 1 cup water, pasta, Italian seasoning, black pepper powder and garlic herb seasoning in the rice cooker. Put the lid on and switch it on. Meanwhile, microwave the frozen veggies for about 2 minutes. The frozen veggie mix I used had broccoli, bell peppers, carrots, green beans, yellow beans. Instead of water, you can use vegetable broth or chicken broth or milk to cook p

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