Pesarattu (Mung Rice Dosa)

Andhra Pesarattu
This is a dosa/crepe well known as Pesarattu in Andhra Pradesh.  A crisp dosa made of whole Mung Bean and rice.

Mung/Whole Green Gram - 1 cup
Medium Grain Rice or Idli Rice - 1 cup

How to cook Andhra Pesarattu Dosa:
1. Wash rice and mung with water and soak them together for 5 - 6 hours.
2. Grind soaked rice and mung into a fine paste.  Batter consistency is same as masala dosa.  Add salt and ferment it overnight.
3. Heat a pan and spread a ladle full of batter into a thin circular dosa.  Drizzle little oil and roast both sides till crisp.  Serve hot Mung Pesrattu with Coconut Chutney and/or Potato Bhaji.


  1. wow loved it.. would try and let u know

  2. yummy crispy dosa..really miss Hyderabad food

  3. Nice variation to the standard dosas.

  4. I've never seen this before! How delicious!!

  5. Hi Uma, I rarely eat dosa. Feel like having urs now! :)

  6. Pesarattuu is healthy version and laso tasty dosai,,looks crispy n delicious,,, like to eat pesarattu with coconut chutney,,,dosai is neverending delicious recipe always tastes good at all time... thanks for sharing dear,,take care n keep smiling.

  7. I just came across your blog and I am so glad I did! This looks fabulous!

  8. I love this and prepare it quite often, healthy too. Click is very tempting :)

  9. It's a healthy one and wd be great with onion chutney

  10. Hi uma we had pesarattu when we visited Andhra. urs look perfect and crispy. We don't add rice and we call it moong dal cheela.

  11. Hey Manjari, Gulmohar, SimplyFood, Michele, Love2Cook, Sathya, Jessica, Ms.Chitchat, Krishnaveni, Kshipra.. I appreciate your kind lovely words..
    Manjari, I would love to know how it turned out.
    Kshipra, I came across Cheela in ur blog.. i'll try next time with moong dal instead of whole moong.

  12. Hey Uma.. I will added chopped onions, zeera nad greenchillies on pesarattu.. Tastes really good


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