Gharge / Pumpkin Puri / Lal Bhopla Puri

In Maharashtrian Cuisine, Gharge or Lal Bhoplyachi Puri is a well known recipe. Sometimes, when pumpkin/kadoo/lal bhopla is not available, I use Butternut squash or Acorn Squash.
This Pumpkin fried bread is great as a snack or as an appetizer.

Pumpkin or Squash - about 2 cups
Wheat Flour - about 2 cups
Jaggery or Brown Sugar - about 1/2 cup
Cumin/Jeera Seeds - 1/2 tsp

How to cook Gharge:
  • Discard the seeds and grate pumpkin or squash. You can use canned Pumpkin as well.
  • In a mixing bowl, add grated pumpkin or squash, cumin, little salt and brown sugar. Mix all the ingredients well. Set it aside for about 30 minutes.
  • Now add wheat flour in small amounts and start kneading. Knead well to form a soft yet firm dough. If the dough is sticky, add little more flour. Let the (covered) dough rest for 20 - 30 minutes.
  • Divide the dough into small round balls. Roll them into small round puris dusting little flour. Alternately, you can roll the dough as big as chapatis and cut out small puris using a cookie cutter.
  • Deep fry these puris in hot oil till they puff up and turn golden brown. 
Coconut Chutney 
This crisp Pumpkin fried bread tastes good on its own. But you can serve sweet Pumpkin Puris with Coconut chutney as well.


  1. Looks puffy!!!!! i haven't tried poori with squash stuffing. i will try ur version of squash poori soon.Happy Cooking and Hv a Great Weekend.

  2. Lovely pooris I will have to sample this one.

  3. Puri with squash!!!!!!! Nice combination.

  4. wow!!!wonderful recipe.first time im seeing this type puri.Grt work dear.

  5. Very interesting one uma,looks crispy..

  6. The pooris look puffy and appetizing, Uma! Thanks for stopping by. I love you collection here - particularly the Konkani ones - I am going to try Patrado first and then work my way through some other :)

  7. What a great combination. Uma, your puri is making me hungry. Please pass me some.

  8. Interesting recipe. This is new to me. Pic looks very nice and tempting.

  9. Sounds interesting dear!!!

    Sweet Squash poori looks healthy :-)

  10. this is gonna be something too good for sure!! I will try..

  11. Thanks Sathya, SimplyFood, Krishnaveni, Shahana,Sushma, Sheela, Kshipra, Ms.Chitchat, Aruna,Deepa, Harman for your kind appreciating words... Luckily my experiment with squash turned out well.
    Sure Kshipra, anytime!
    Hope you like the recipes Sheela.

  12. wow uma lovely puris...i vl try id pumpkin, thy vl taste superb...nice one

  13. Yeah Siddhi.. pumpkin puri tastes great..

  14. Properly puffed up Puris, that very innovative and tasty !!

  15. Wow, what a great recipe... I love it!


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