Khatti Meethi Chutney (Dates Tamarind Dip)

khatti meethi chutney for pani puri
Chutneys are an integral part of Chaat/Indian Street Food.  If you make chaats more often, just like me, you can prepare these chutneys and store them in the freezer.  It will definitely save some time. 

Pitted (Deseeded) Dates/Khajur - 2 cups
Tamarind/Imli - 1 cup
Jaggery or Brown sugar - 1/2 cup

1. Discard the seeds of both dates and tamarind.  Even if you buy pitted dates and tamarind, do check for the seeds.
2. Soak dates, tamarind and jaggery each in separate vessels in warm water for about 30 minutes.  Soaking will make grinding easy.
3. If you are using jaggery, cut (to small pieces) or grate it before soaking.  When jaggery will dissolve completely, sieve/strain it.  Sometimes jaggery contains little dirt.
4. Slightly mash soaked tamarind with hands.
5. Grind soaked dates, tamarind and jaggery with the water used for soaking.  Blend till you get a smooth paste.  Serve this sweet sour chutney with cutlets or fritters/pakodas.  Dilute the khatti meethi chutney for pani puri as desired.
6. There is no hard and fast rule as to the proportion of dates, tamarind and jaggery.  Change the proportions to suit your taste for sweetness and sourness.  The final texture/colour of chutney will change depending on the colour of the jaggery used.
7. Store this sweet sour chutney in freezer safe containers in the freezer.  To thaw/defrost frozen chutney, place the container in slightly warm water before use.


  1. i never prepared this chutney at home but i love to have this chutney with samosas...i wish i can get some samosas now...

  2. wow wat a tangy and tempting chutney uma,excellent combination for samosas as satya said.

  3. Very useful chutney for chaats..thanks for sharing uma

  4. Hi Uma

    The Chutney surely looks tasty and tangy. Would go along very well with parathas.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  5. Yummy...I love the tangy sweet tempting to make some

  6. delicious chutneys..very simple and yummy one.u r right perfect for chat and also good with cutlet and samosa..good one uma

  7. slurrrp..looks so yummmm..khatta meethaaa.

  8. new to me...must be delicious...tempting Uma

  9. Delicious chutney for chaats, love it..

  10. really tempting one yaar...super try.

  11. Yummy and tasty perfect with chats and all savory dishes.

  12. Thanks Satya, Premalatha, Sushma, Hamaree Rasoi, Priti, Prani, Deepa, Krishnaveni, Priya, Jay, Simply.Food, Harman for the lovely feedback!

    All you gals gave me more combos for this chutney.. samosas, parathas, fritters.. other than for pani puri, shev puri i didnt try for any other item.. Thanks Gals :)

  13. awesome recipe and very delicious too :)


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