Oats Masala Dosa

oats masala dosa
Masala Dosa is the most loved breakfast in my family.  Oats Masala Dosa is our new favorite.  We all know that Oats is a healthier grain than rice.  But for these dosas to turn crisp, some rice is definitely required.  After a few trials and errors, I came up with this recipe for a crispy and healthy Masala Dosa with Oats.

Oats - 1/2 cup
Idli Rice or Medium Grain Rice - 1/2 cup
Urad Dal/Split Black Gram - 1/4 cup
Toor Dal/Split Pigeon Peas - 1 tbsp
Fenugreek/Methi Seeds - 1 tsp

How to prepare Oats Masala Dosa:
  • Soak rice, urad dal, toor dal and methi seeds in water for 5 - 6 hours.  Methi Seeds impart a nice color to the dosas.
  • Washed the soaked rice and lentils well.  Grind soaked rice, lentils and oats to a smooth paste.  I used instant oats, any rolled oats would work fine for this recipe.  No need to soak oats.
  • Cover and let the batter ferment overnight.  Add little baking soda if you like, I did not.
oats dosa
  • Add salt and mix when you are ready to make dosas.  Heat a pan and spread a ladle full of batter evenly as thin as possible.  Drizzle little oil and roast both sides of the dosa till golden brown.
  • Serve Oats Masala Dosa with Potato/Aloo Bhaji and/or chutney and/or sambar.


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