Jwari Tandlachi Bhakri / Akki Jolada Rotti

Bhakri is a well known flatbread of Maharashtra, made either of Jowar (Jwari) flour or Rice flour. I like using a combination of both, which makes the bread soft and nutritious. Plus, this bread is oil free. In Karnataka, this rice flatbread is called as Akki Roti and jowar/sorghum flatbread as Jolada Roti.

Jowar/Sorghum/Jwari/Jola Flour - 1 cup
Rice Flour/Tandlacha Peeth - 1 cup
Water - 2 cups

How to prepare Jwari Tandlachi Bhakri:
  • In a mixing bowl or a big plate, add jowar flour and rice flour. Add salt to taste and mix well. Rice flour makes the dough sticky, which in turn makes it easier to roll.
  • Add 2 cups of water in a vessel and bring it to a boil. Turn off the heat and add this boiling water to the bowl. Using a spoon, mix all the ingredients well. When it turns cold enough to handle, knead the dough well and divide into 5 balls.
  • Sprinkle some rice flour on the wooden board. Place a round dough ball. Using your hands, spread it evenly to form a thin and round flatbread. You can use a rolling pin as well. While rolling, you will notice that the lower side of the bhakri has more flour/powder as compared to the upper side.
Jwari Bhakri
  • Heat a cast iron pan or tawa or griddle. Carefully place the rolled bhakri on the hot tawa. Place the bhakri in such a way that the powdered/floured side is on top. 
  • Apply little water (about 2 tbsp) on the floured side, so that the bhakri turns moist. Flip the bhakri when the water dries up. After a minute or so, cook the bhakri on direct heat/flame of the burner. Use tongs to move the bhakri and roast for few seconds so that brown spots appear and the bhakri puffs up. Repeat the same for the remaining 4 dough balls.
Enjoy Bhakri with a spicy curry or chutney of your choice.  I served it with Marathi style Egg Curry.


  1. Wow, roti looks fabulous and you have made it prefectly.

  2. bhakri is a fav. you have paired it with well with egg curry. usually we make only rice bhakris paired with a veg coconut based dish.


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