Spinach and White Bean Soup

Spinach and White Bean Soup
Cooking for your loved ones is more fun and easier as compared to cooking just for yourself.  That's how I feel.  Most of my solitary meals are soups and salads.  When I make a soup or a salad, I try to include all nutrients - carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins.  Today's spinach and white bean soup flavored with Thai Sriracha sauce is one of my light yet wholesome lunches.

Spinach/Palak - about 3 cups
Dry White Beans - 1/3 cup
Red Onion - 1 medium
Garlic - 2 big cloves
Ginger (grated) - 1 tsp
Soy Sauce - 2 tbsp
Sriracha Sauce - 1 tbsp
Oil - 1 1/2 tbsp

How to cook Sriracha flavored Spinach and Bean Soup:
  • Soak white beans in plenty of water overnight.  Wash the soaked beans well.  Heat about 5 cups water in a big pot.  Add the soaked beans and cook them until soft.  Add more water if required.  Alternatively, you can also cook the beans in a pressure cooker.
  • Use any other beans of your choice.  Canned beans would be fine too.
  • Finely chop onions and garlic.
  • Heat oil in a pan.  Add onions, ginger, garlic and sauté until onions soften.  Add soy sauce and Sriracha sauce and sauté for few seconds.
Spinach Bean Soup
  • Add the cooked beans, spinach leaves and 1/2 cup water.  Cook it covered until spinach wilts.
  • Taste the soup for seasonings.  I did not add salt, as both the sauces seasoned the soup well.  Garnish with spring onions and serve with crostini.