Mexican Mixed Veggie Rice

Mexican Veggie Rice
Hello there! How is everyone? I am enjoying a perfect fall day with pleasant weather.... not too hot, not too cold.
Last couple months I hardly cooked anything. Its been takeout, eating out or frozen dinners. My child does not like me spending any time in the kitchen.

While eating at the local restaurants, my toddler has found herself a few favorites. One of them is Mexican style Rice. Some days, when I can spare some time, I manage to make this easy dish at home. Plus, I get to make it healthier by adding a couple more veggies. You'll be surprised at how quickly this rice gets ready.

Rice - 1/2 cup
Mixed Vegetables - 1 1/2 cups
Spanish Paprika - 1/2 tsp
Oil - 1 tbsp.

How to cook Easy Vegetable Rice:
  • Wash rice 4 - 5 times in running water. Drain all the water.
Vegetable Rice
  • Next, add chopped veggies of your choice to the washed rice. I used a bag of frozen veggies which had carrots, green peas, green beans and corn kernels.
Pressure cooker Rice
  • Add about 1 cup water to the chopped veggies and washed rice. Cook them in a pressure cooker.
  • Next, fluff the cooked rice and veggies with a fork. Check if the rice and veggies are cooked the way you like.
  • Heat a pan and add oil and paprika. Stir for few seconds. Next, add cooked rice, veggies and salt. Stir gently until all the ingredients are mixed well and heated through.
Serve with burritos, quesadillas along with guacamole.


  1. Love Tex-Mex ;) This is an easy recipe and the frozen veggies definitely ups its nutritional content too!

  2. The paprika mentioned here .. is it paprika powder?


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