Low Fat and Low Calorie Indian Recipes

These days we all are conscious of our calorie intake. Low fat, low calorie is the trend. White bread has been replaced by Oats bread, Whole Wheat bread. Olive oil has taken over butter or ghee.
When it comes to diet and exercise, different strategies work for different people. Some work out more, some can control their cravings, some prefer low fat dairy, some cut down desserts and so on.

Well, my mantra is moderation. I am calorie conscious on weekdays and not so much on weekends. But, a 20 - 30 minutes workout per day is essential for me. I try to avoid baked goods with all purpose flour (maida). I am not a big fan of low fat cheeses or skim milk. Instead, I add less cheese to my grilled sandwiches or quesadillas, but full fat cheeses always. But, I like low fat fruity yogurt and low fat buttermilk.
Here are some recipes which, in my opinion, are low fat and low calorie recipes.

Instant Buttermilk Rava (Sooji) Dhokla
Baked Garlic and Herb Potato Wedges (Fries)
Baked Onion Rings (Vegan)
Baked Eggplant / Baingan with Herbs and Onions

Microwave Sugar free Khajur (Dates) and Nuts Barfi / Roll

I would love to know your ways of staying fit. Feel free to write about your low fat, low calorie options.