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I am an expat living far far away from home. This new country has given me an opportunity to learn about different cultures and try out new things. One of them is blogging about food. I have always liked cooking. Now, I have fellow food enthusiasts share their interesting thoughts. Food photography is worth exploring too.

My Mom whom I call "Aai" (in Konkani), taught me all about cooking. My Aai's style was using fewer ingredients, which has influenced my cooking as well. I lived with my in-laws for about a year in the coastal city of Mangaluru. My Mother-in-law taught me a lot about Mangalore Saraswat Cuisine. I particularly like her Idli, Dosa recipes, such a variety using different fruits and vegetables.

Indian cuisine is predominantly vegetarian. Plenty of recipes are gluten free and ideal for vegans. In Southern India, rice and coconut are staples. North Indian recipes use corn, paneer and wheat as main ingredients. Feel free to explore!

Over the years, I have found my way of cooking. Some days, I cook out of necessity. Other days, I cook for pleasure. Hope my blog makes your everyday cooking easier, healthier and tastier. For suggestions or questions, use the comment box or email me at umasushanth@gmail.com or visit our Facebook Page.

Happy Cooking!


  1. Your site looks great and provides all necessary links perfectly !
    One suggestion - If it can provide a link to low calorie or low fat or so called 'diet' foods it will be beneficial to many like me !
    Thank you and Good luck..

    1. I'll do that soon. Thanks Eesha for the suggestion!


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