Dudhi Halwa/Bottle Gourd Dessert

I am a great fan of both Bottle Gourd and Ash Gourd desserts.  Luckily, I found Bottle Gourd at the Indian Store.  Here is the recipe for Dudhi Halwa.  For garnishing, you can even use pistachios or green grapes.

Grated Bottle Gourd/Dudhi - about 2 cups 
Ghee/Clarified butter - 1 tbsp
Milk - about 1 cup
Cardamom - 2 pods
Cashews - 4
Almonds - 4
Sugar - 6 tsp

1. Soak almonds in water  for about 15 min so that the skin comes off easily.
2. Peel the bottle gourd skin, remove the seeds and grate it.  While grating, bottle gourd leaves some water. 
3. In a kadhai/ wok add grated bottle gourd with its water and about 1 tbsp ghee.  Mix well and cook it covered.  
4. When bottle gourd gets cooked or turns transparent, add milk and ground cardamom.
5. When milk starts boiling, add cashew and almond pieces.  Keep stirring.
6. Add sugar when milk is reduced in quantity.  Continue cooking till sugar dissolves and milk is totally evaporated.
7. Turn off the heat and Dudhi Halwa is ready to serve.


  1. Hi
    I have seen lots of sites and blogs, about this recipe and whenever i see this recipe i think of reparing this but somehow I am unable.Today i have got a bottle guard and hope i ll prepare this dish with your recipe.Any yummy halwa.

  2. Lovely Halwa. This is one of the healthy halwa dish and urs have come out very well.


  3. I appreciate it Ms.Chitchat..

  4. Uma,,,its really looking delicious and natural. i haven't tried halwa in bottle gourd only sambar. next time hv to try your version.

  5. Yes Sathya, bottle gourd tastes great in sambar..

  6. wow uma yummy halwa...nice recipe...thnx for sharing...hey thnx for the wishes in my blog

  7. hi uma,
    nice halwa. This is one of the simplest recipe of dudhi halwa I have come across so far.

  8. Thats very sweet of you Kshipra.. lazy cooks like me try to make recipes more simpler and easier..


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