Hello Texas!

Traveling Man Dallas
Life has taken me to different places. I don't do well with change initially, but then the town grows on me. Few years ago, we came to the snowy, cold Midwest. Call me crazy, but I like snow. I especially love to see every year's first snowfall.
I am gonna miss that now on. But on the positive side, a new place is a fresh start. Its like a new chapter in our lives.
On the way to a new place, let me give you a glimpse of our Grand Rapids. Long drives just to see the amazing autumn leaves is one of my favorite things to do. We have been to several parks in Michigan just to see the fall colors. Riverside Park was the closest to our home. It has a nice view of the city's skyline. As you can see, there are geese too. Well, that makes my baby happy.
Riverside Park Grand Rapids

Now we get to see the big state of Texas. Yes, we moved here this fall. That's the reason for my absence. Other than the heavy rains, I am liking it here. Nice pleasant weather, good restaurants, a very good Indian grocery store.
My favorite part, I have found a few friends here. They tell me summer is not something to look forward to. I have some months to prepare myself for that.
For now, I am a happy Mom whose kid loves to run around in her new neighborhood.
Whenever the weather is favorable, we do try some sight seeing and stuff. One weekend we rode the train. My toddler enjoyed the train ride with no seat belts. One of the train stations Deep Ellum has this huge sculpture "Traveling Man". The view is perfect from the train station. I have heard night time view of this art is worth watching. Lets see when we get to do that. Our next travel destination might be the Dallas Zoo.
Until my next post, Take Care. C ya.


  1. Texas grows on you over a period of time! It is quite a contrast to the mid-west (believe me I know). I've lived in many places-but I still love the North West, the place I first landed (yes,even the rains)!!

  2. Hey Uma , stumbled upon your site and wondered where you belong to. There are several konkani food blogs but yours sounded nearer to my life experience.
    mean being a GSB myself am conversant with varied cusine not typically belonging to a region in particular. And surprise you are in Dallas.
    Should meetup.
    I am on konkani dallas fb .though not very active with the community in particular.
    Good to see someone with similar taste here.


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