Chaimui (Curdled Milk Dessert)

curdled milk dessert
Chaimui is a Konkani dessert made from curdled milk.  In summer, milk gets spoilt easily.  You can make this dessert with such curdled milk.  If you dont like using spoilt milk, you can use lemon juice and a dessert like Kalakand is ready.  Cooking time is 5 - 10 minutes, much lesser than Kalakand.
My Dear Aai's easy recipe -:)

Milk - 500 ml
Lemon juice - 1 tsp
Sugar - about 2 tsp
Green Cardamom/Elaichi - 1 pod
Pistachios or any nuts - 4 (optional)

1. Heat milk in a heavy bottomed vessel.  After milk starts boiling, turn off the gas and add lemon juice.  Milk will start curdling.  (In case of spoilt milk, follow the method from step 2 as lemon juice is not required to curdle milk.)
2. Once the chenna settles, sieve/strain through a strainer.  Use a spoon to press out excess water.  Discard the liquid.
3. Add the chenna in a heavy bottomed vessel and cook for 2 minutes.  Add sugar, ground cardamom, crushed pistachios (or almonds) and continue cooking.
4. Continue cooking till moisture is lost and chaimui is ready.  Refrigerate it for an hour.


  1. made it son loved it...wil post my recipe soon...urs look tempting

  2. wow uma within minutes a dessert..thats good da..sure will try this one..looks delicious.

  3. this is so interesting. i don't drink milk, i buy it only for my daughter, and sometimes the last cup or so spoils before she can get to it. i always threw it out. i guess this is essentially something close to farmer's cheese... i occasionally make buttermilk when i know milk will spoil otherwise, but i never knew what to do with the one cup that was already spoilt. thanks!

  4. Oh..this is very quick for people with strong sweet tooth :)

  5. I can survive only on desserts toooooo...YOur new version is splendid dear.

  6. So easy and yummy one...i had made one similar to this few days back, will try your way too...superb one uma

  7. Chaimui sounds like Bengali's sandesh, lovely dessert..thanks for sharing dear..

  8. Uma, dessert looks nice n seems very quick n easy to make at any time.

  9. such a yummy dessert. Thanks for sharing

  10. chaimui looks great uma. It is so much similar to bengali sandesh.

  11. I guess instead of making paneer you turn it into a sweet.Lovely idea.

  12. hmmmm .... kinda like paneer desert ...Never tasted this recipe before. I bet it taste awesome!

  13. Dessert looks absolute yummy and delectable. LOve it..

  14. If you add saffron instead of cardamom you'll get kesar sandesh...Love this

  15. Thanks Sanyukta, Prani, Dana, SS, Preety, Jay, Ms.Chitchat, Sushma, Priya, Sathya, Sridevi, Kshipra, MycookingExperiments, SimplyFood, Preeti, Nithu, Gulmohar, Krishnaveni, Harman, Uma for stopping by and for the comments.

    Dana, am glad u found this dessert useful.

    Yeah Priya, Kshipra this is similar to Sandesh.

    Gulmohar, I liked ur tip of using Saffron.

    Glad to meet you Uma :)

  16. Hi Uma, thanks so much for your lovely comment, its great to discover another Konkani blogger. You have a nice space!! Will look forward to going through all your recipes one by one. Chaimui is new to me, but definitely something I will try whenever I have curdled milk!


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