Ghosale Saali (Ridge Gourd Peels) Chutney

ghosale shira chutney
A coconut chutney made with ridge gourd peels.  I have learnt this from my Mom, just as all other Konkani recipes.  Ridge gourd is called as Ghosale in Konkani.

Ridge Gourd peels - about 1 cup
Grated/Shredded Coconut - 1 cup
Green chillies - 8
Tamarind - very small piece

Mustard seeds - 1/4 tsp
Red chillies - 2
Curry leaves/Kadipata - a sprig
Asafoetida/Hing - 1/8 tsp

1.  Heat a pan and roast the ridge gourd peels for about a minute, to get rid of moisture if any.  Add few drops of oil and continue roasting till the raw smell goes off (about 3 - 5 minutes at low flame).   The peels will wilt a little.  Let it cool.
2. Slit the green chillies lengthwise and roast them in a pan with few drops of oil.  Roast till colour changes slightly.
ridge gourd peels chutney
3. Grind roasted peels, roasted green chillies, coconut, tamarind and salt to a fine or slightly coarse paste.
4. For tempering/tadka, heat little oil and add mustard seeds, curry leaves, red chillies and asafoetida.  Turn off the heat when mustard seeds pop.  Pour this tadka over the ground chutney.
5. Mix and serve with dosas or as a side dish with rice.


  1. nice chutney recipe is simple to make and healthy too...we used to make sabji out of ridge gourd peels.

  2. Recipes our mom's teach us are always the best ones! This dish looks delicious.

  3. Thats a nice recipe,looks delicious uma

  4. I have never used this veggie in my mom would make sabzi out of this sometimes...using ridge gourd skin for chutney sounds unique..liked the tempering ingredients for the chutney..looks de-lish.

  5. delicious chutney...lovely colour....great

  6. very delicious chutney uma ...never tried this combination of coconut n rigde gourd ...looks yummy n healthy...

  7. loved d healthy color of chutney...nice presentation

  8. Delicious chutney Uma, very beautiful chutney too..

  9. I have never had this chutney before it sounds wonderful.

  10. nice..very nice way of using peels..gr8!

  11. uma if u post it early i can try when i prepared the ridgegourd chutney. anyway looks delicious ..the seasoning i really liked it..good one da

  12. Love the chutney ..I make this too but this looks soo gud

  13. Chutney looks very fresh and delicious, very good tip for dosa and idli's.

  14. 'waste not, want not.'
    excellent way of using vegetable peel.

  15. Uma loved the look nd its been yrs i tried this.... :) love it :)

  16. great i wanna taste this chutney with dosa

  17. Nice chutney Uma. Mine is little different than yours. Nice to find a different alternative to the recipe!

  18. New one for me...looks so delicious...

  19. Thank you all for the sweet encouraging comments!


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