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Creamy Veggie Pasta Salad

Creamy Pasta Salad
Lately, I have been cooking Italian couple times a week. Cooking pasta is easy and quick. Pastas are deliciously perfect for busy weeknight dinners. Last night, I made a Creamy Pasta Salad with some of our favorite veggies and everyone was happy.

Paneer Vegetable Cutlets

Paneer Cutlets
Fall 2014 is here with chilly weather and beautiful colors. Well, its time for cheesy, fried goodness. Paneer cutlets with colorful veggies are the perfect snack for such wintry days. 
Any kind of cheese is comfort food, but Indian Cottage Cheese is one of our family favorites. 

Lachha Paratha / Kerala Paratha

Lacha Paratha
I am amazed at the variety of Indian breads one can make... Naan, Mooli Paratha, Roomali Roti, Lachha Paratha, Bhakri, Ragi Rotti, Tandoori Roti. For most weekday lunches, I generally make Phulka. I know, it becomes monotonous sometimes. 
Today's special is North Indian whole wheat Lacha Paratha. These take a couple more minutes than regular roti, but can be made on a busy day. You don't need any fancy ingredients, just atta and ghee. The same layered flat-bread when made with all purpose flour (maida) is known as Kerala Paratha.