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Hello Texas!

Traveling Man Dallas
Life has taken me to different places. I don't do well with change initially, but then the town grows on me. Few years ago, we came to the snowy, cold Midwest. Call me crazy, but I like snow. I especially love to see every year's first snowfall.

Mexican Veggie Rice

Mexican Veggie Rice
Hello there! How is everyone? I am enjoying a perfect fall day with pleasant weather.... not too hot, not too cold.
Last couple months I hardly cooked anything. Its been takeout, eating out or frozen dinners. My child does not like me spending any time in the kitchen.

Paneer Pyaz / Cheese Onion Paratha

Paneer Onion Paratha
Cheese and bread.... comforting and hearty! You can never go wrong with this favorite combo. Well, my family loves Grilled Cheese Sandwiches, Cheesy Quesadillas, Paneer Paratha. These are my go to meals for Sunday brunches or any special day. This weekend I made Paneer Pyaaz (Onion) Paratha. Melted butter on those golden brown parathas makes it totally irresistible.