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Oven Baked Ricotta Cheese Kalakand / Milk Cake

Ricotta Kalakand
One of the popular posts of my blog is Microwave Ricotta Cheese Kalakand. For my kiddo, these days I make it in the oven. You might ask why? My little one loves baking with Mommy. 
The new oven baked Ricotta Kalakand (Milk Cake) Recipe is even better, it has double the cheese, less sugar and tastes yummy. And, if ricotta is not available, paneer is an excellent alternative.

Aloo Methi Masala

Aloo Methi
After eating take out for about a week, I am ready to cook and blog again. How about some simple Roti Sabzi? You guys know how I like to include greens in our everyday diet. Today's special is fresh Methi leaves. Of all leafy greens, I love Methi. If you do too, try this North Indian style Aloo Methi Masala.

Egg-less Apple Sauce Cake

Egg less Apple Sauce Cake
Hey everyone! Hope all is well. 
Just when I got used to the Miami weather, we had to move. So, now we are back in Dallas. I am hoping to stay in this new place for a long long time. In all this hustle bustle of settling in a new habitat, my 3 year old demands to bake a cake all by herself. Also, it has to be round like a birthday cake.
Here I present the first ever bake from our new kitchen. A soft, moist cardamom flavored egg less apple sauce cake.