Air Fried Toasted Ravioli

Hey everyone! How is winter treating you guys? Snow in Texas is long gone. We are blessed with lovely weather these days.  As you all know, I have a picky 10 year old who still eats mess free finger food. Today's Toasted Ravioli is another favorite item added to my kid's lunch box menu. Such semi homemade delicacies are a life saver for me. Feel free to share your time saving recipes. Ingredients: Frozen Ravioli - 10  Corn Meal - 1 cup Spanish Paprika - 1 tsp Garlic Herb Seasoning - 1 tsp Egg Beaten - 1 Cooking Spray or Oil How to cook Crispy Toasted Ravioli in an Air Fryer: Grease the air fryer tray with cooking spray or oil. In a bowl, beat an egg with a pinch of salt. In a big plate, add corn meal, garlic herb seasoning and paprika. Mix well. Feel free to use any seasonings of your choice. Add one frozen ravioli in the egg wash. Coat it well and then add it to the corn meal plate. I use a pair of forks to coat the ravioli with the corn meal crust. Repeat the same for each

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