Gardening 2023

Amaranth plant Hey everyone! Hope all is well in your world. As the title suggests, today's post is about my garden. I have lived in US for more than a decade. Never have I felt the need to grow a kitchen garden. This year was quite different. Two of my friends inspired me to start this new venture. Keeping plants alive and thriving in Texas weather is a challenge. For now, I'll share three of the plants that grew well in this hot weather. Curry Leaves and Mint Amaranth, Curry Leaves and Mint. All plants were given by a dear friend Jinu. For Spring/Green Onions plants, I used the store bought Green Onions bunch. I planted the white parts with roots and within a week, I could see it sprouting.  Do let me know your experiences of cultivating a garden.  Green Onions

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